About Us



About Us

Founded in 2005, Governance and Emergency Management Canada is a pioneer leader and plays a crucial role in the evolution of emergency management with an outstanding history through solid partnerships; national recognition, development of academic institute, healthcare, public health, cultural institutions, public sector and industry-leading programs whose trademark is as a "first time builder.” Governance and Emergency Management Canada has proven inspirational and innovative leadership, strategic management, operational capability and capacity with the ability to lead from concept-to-execution. We build our success.
Our commitment to excellence challenges us to transform today and tomorrow, inspiring a dynamic leadership while creating systems which are more accessible with integrated and adapted training, which will provide knowledge, skills and learning necessary for success, and will include the confidence of our clients. While we embrace and foster a culture of resilience, we inspire organizations and communities to consider a new approach to exemplify prominent values and demonstrate their own leadership recognition through their own success in achieving their goals. 
Our business is diversified. Governance and Emergency Management Canada applies expertise and experience to help organizations and communities in building capacity, capability, resilience and sustainability, which is crucial in the time of disruption. We assist in creating a safe and secure environment, and give you the confidence to meet expected or unexpected changes and disruptions; while ensuring continuity of operations, maintaining essential services, exceeding organizational and stakeholder requirements within the context of your operating environment.
We provide expert industry services and solutions of multiple disciplines and programs with a strong commitment to client satisfaction, and scalable cost-effective solutions. We guide organizations and communities to advance forward with knowledge, skills and confidence, meeting their due diligence leading with resilience.

Your Trusted Partner

As seasoned leaders, experts, and professionals who excel in and transform your industry, we boast a passion for strategic capacity in planning, research and innovation. We make you feel secure, confident and prepared for seen and unforeseen challenges ahead, and we are driven and focused on mutual partnerships, sharing knowledge and information, while fostering an environment of excellence. Let us help you develop a plan for the safety and continuity of your business and staff in the event of an emergency.

  • Building trust
  • Encouraging confidence
  • Inspiring with vision
  • Earning respect
  • Adapting to organization culture and value
  • Showcasing a collaborative spirit
  • Cultivating innovation
  • Evolving with the ever changing world
  • Embracing excellence

“Our Commitment to Excellence”