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Privy Council Office (PCO) "In recognition of dedication and commitment during the 2015 transition planning process"

Centennial College The Learning-Centre College Award - "In recognition for Strategic Planning and Implementation of the College Emergency Program and Plan."

"There are three things I value most that will always be embraced by Governance and Emergency Management Canada – Inspiration – Innovation – Integrity. These values are more than a corporate vision and mission. Each value symbolizes a way of life that permeates every aspect of who we are and with whom we do business."

Ginette Soulieres is a nationally recognized emergency management leader, expert, academic, practitioner, teacher, scholar, and speaker whose trademark is as a "first time builder.” Soulieres steers concepts from vision to reality, using research-based frameworks. She is not only a dynamic, collaborative and compelling leader, but also a driven strategist with 20 years of a demonstrated track record of excellence and outstanding achievements, possessing a unique blend of academic, healthcare, public health, community health, public and industry expertise and experience. Soulieres has a strong commitment to excellence in innovation. 

A persuasive advocate with an extensive network of relationships, nationally and internationally, Soulieres is the driving force behind numerous successful unique achievements in the Emergency Management field. Her outstanding professionalism has earned the TRUST of the industry and peers, inspiring clients and organizations to adopt leading-edge values and leadership recognition internationally.

Soulieres brings a passion for creating new knowledge on the strength of research and innovation. She is continuously entrusted to build institutes, infrastructures, partnerships and alliances. She develops projects and programs from concept to execution, and inspires new perspectives with a clear and persuasive yet realistic vision, mission, and strategic direction.