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Business Continuity Management Program

Business Continuity is a professional methodology that safeguards Critical Services by creating and maintaining Business Continuity Plans (BCPs).  Business Continuity Plans contain the recovery procedures and strategies necessary to resume Critical Services and are activated when standard operational procedures and responses are overwhelmed by a disruptive event.  While Emergency Management focuses on event containment and response, Business Continuity focuses on the recovery of Critical Services until a return to normal business operations is possible.

Business Continuity Planning allows organizations to protect the availability of Critical Services in spite of challenging or extreme circumstances. Therefore, each organization is required to implement a Business Continuity Management Program (BCMP) consistent with federal and provincial legislation, industry standards and best practices.

A comprehensive Business Continuity Management Program consists of the following:

  • Program Management
  • BCM Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Business Continuity Strategies
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Awareness and Training Programs
  • Exercises and Maintenance
  • Audit, Evaluation and Feedback
  • Crisis Communications

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