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Our professional services extend across Canada to every sector.

Cultural Institutions
Healthcare & Public Health
National and Provincial Associations
Private Sector
Public Sector and Government

We are Bilingual, offering services in English and French.

Governance, Risk Management, Compliance

Working with all levels of government (municipal, provincial, and federal), corporations and organizations of all sizes, GEM Canada will help you develop a solid robust resilient organization inspiring the people and community you serve. 

A disciplined approach to managing risk can help your organization be risk resilient — avoiding unanticipated losses, managing uncertainty and capitalizing on opportunity.

An effective enterprise risk management capability enables management to drive greater clarity throughout the uncertainity and make better informed decisions with confidence — transforming risk into opportunity.

We can help you solve complex risk and compliance challenges providing lasting and positive solutions for your organization. Effective risk management also provides powerful insights about organizations driving high level of quality assurance and resilience.  Our risk assessment, analysis framework can be applied at any level of an organization at the strategic, environmental and operational levels.

Enterprise Risk Management is a critical component as it provides the transition between problem identification (the all-hazards assessment step) and the appropriate mitigation and/preparedness measures. Internal and external factors from strategic to operational to environmental must be considered in the enterprise risk assessment process. It contributes to the workforce awareness and allows for their involvement in decision-making.

Compliance, we work with organizations to complete performance evaluations based on indicators, benchmarks and targets developed through existing national and international standards to provide a basis of assessment of core programs. Compliance analysis is done using an array of tools developed through our expertise that will help your organization to assess and improve emergency management and business continuity plans evaluating the current level of readiness and immediately improved quality. Action plans are developed accordingly.

We serve organizations of all types and sizes and offer services in both  official languages - English and French.

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