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Our professional services extend across Canada to every sector.

Cultural Institutions
Healthcare & Public Health
National and Provincial Associations
Private Sector
Public Sector and Government

We are Bilingual, offering services in English and French.

Exercise, Drill and Simulation

We customize, design, plan, facilitate and conduct exercises locally, regionally, and at the provincial and/or national level.

By working with GEM Canada organizations can be assured they will have a valid exercise program that will identify strengths and weaknesses in plans and strategies, while also providing staff with the opportunity to utilize response resources and rehearse their roles during an emergency situation.

To help you develop an exercise program, we can provide the following services:

  • Discussion-based facilitating introductory orientation tabletop exercise or seminar to familiarize staff with response roles, plans, procedures, and/or equipment.
  • Hospital Emergency Codes Exercises
  • Mass Casualty Exercises.
  • Curriculum design (scenario), leading / facilitation:                        
    • Tabletop exercises, which are facilitated reviews of emergency situations in an informal and stress-free environment
    • Functional exercises, which are simulated interactive exercises that test the capability of an organization to respond to a simulated event.
    • Mock Simulated Full-scale exercises, which are designed to evaluate the operational capability of emergency management systems in a realistic environment that simulates actual response conditions to an emergency/security situation.
  • Delivering in-house staff training to build internal capacity to regularly facilitate your own exercises through an exercise design workshop or mentoring program. 

We serve organizations of all types and sizes and offer services in both  official languages - English and French.

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