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“Our clients our most trusted ambassadors”

Our professional services extend across Canada to every sector.

Cultural Institutions
Healthcare & Public Health
National and Provincial Associations
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We are Bilingual, offering services in English and French.

Health Emergency Management

Through standards, accreditation assessment and best practices, Governance and Emergency Management Canada work with heath care organizations and providers across Canada to help them improve quality, safety, and efficiency so they can continue to offer the best possible care and service in time of expected and unexpected disruptions, and events.

“Through the Organization and Community you serve... lead with resilience. Be a leader of Choice... Inspire.”

We are an independent, emergency management professional consulting firm, also specialized in health emergency management.

As a Trusted Partner in Health Emergency Management...

We take pride in working with a broad range of health care organizations and providers across the country to develop and promote safety, and leading programs that contribute to better care for all Canadian. 

We provide hands-on-support-in person, virtually or in a blended manner – to review, recommend, guide and or develop and implement changes for improvement on building Capacity, Capability, Resilience and Sustainability by: 

  • Pre-Accreditation evaluation
  • Strategic directions, guidance
  • Education, Training and Exercise 
  • Post-Accreditation 
  • Report Recommendation

The comprehensive interactions that take place between us and your organization and personnel placed them in an environment of confidence and trust, at ease with the process that will help to adopt to daily practice.

Our approach strengthens the efforts that organizations and communities already have underway, advancing innovative approach to accreditation. We help you: 

  • Assess your program
  • Develop standardized processes 
  • Prevent and mitigate against risk
  • Build a culture of resilience and safety
  • Identify leading evidence-based practices
  • Provide education, training, exercises
  • Develop and facilitate exercise 
  • Promote your commitment as Leader as Choice!

We provide tools and resources to help you complying with standards and best practices.

We will help you in the establishment of collaboration and partnership with key stakeholders that will optimize your level of mission critical readiness and services.

Be recognized by patients, clients and the public as a Trusted Partner, Leader of Choice on quality and patient safety in health care.

We serve organizations of all types and sizes and offer services in both  official languages - English and French.

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