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Hospital Emergency Management Sustainable Program

At GEM Canada we have the expertise to assist you and guide in the process of developing or reviewing your Hospital Emergency Management Program.  We provide Emergency Preparedness Lead, Education and Training and Exercises Consulting and Advisory Services.  We will guide you in the development of a Sustainable Hospital Emergency Management Program

To ensure the safety and protection of staff, patients and visitors, being prepared is essential, particularly in ensuring the most efficient and effective use of resources. There are increased risk associated for not being prepared such that when an emergency do occur.  Preparedness is the broader term for program, policies, plans and procedures, education, training and exercises.

We are committed to work with you.  Much of the pertinent legislation and standards guiding emergency management planning, preparedness are in place, hospitals are influenced by and operate within their framework.

The hospital Emergency Management Program consists of: establishing ownership; Conducting HIRA; Develop and Implementing IMS Framework – Emergency Colour Codes Overlay; Emergency Colour Codes policies, procedures, education and training and exercises; plan development and implementation, exercise, evaluation and update.

Hospital Incident Management System (IMS)

Integrating the IMS and Hospital Emergency Colour Codes: the speed with which an organization can return to normal operations after an emergency occurs is an indicator of the organization's overall ability to manage an emergency. HIRA is the chosen framework to identify hazards and potential risks, IMS is the framework on how to plan, prepare, respond and recover when emergencies occur.

Adopt the Incident Management System (IMS) Framework overlay with each Hospital Emergency Codes, Surge Capacity, Pandemic Planning, Flue Outbreak and Blood Shortage.  the develop your emergency preparedness program, response plan and policy.

We will work with you on how to activate the plan and connect it to IMS.

We serve organizations of all types and sizes and offer services in both  official languages - English and French.

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