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Our professional services extend across Canada to every sector.

Cultural Institutions
Healthcare & Public Health
National and Provincial Associations
Private Sector
Public Sector and Government

We are Bilingual, offering services in English and French.

Strategic Management and Program Development

How we can help:

Governance and Emergency Management Canada strategic management consulting practice is based on the belief that organizations should continually monitor internal and external events to enable timely changes to organizational plans.

If you’re an academia, healthcare, cultural public, not-for-profit, private or public sector organization that needs support in developing effective strategic, operational, business and actions plans that connect your strategic priorities with your operational capabilities, we can help you engage internally and externally with key stakeholders to:

  • Develop, evolve or validate your organization’s Vision and Mission statements
  • Identify and confirm strategic priorities and objectives
  • Design goal and outcome measures that can be monitored continually to assess your organization’s performance

Program management

As you move forward on your strategic plan, having an external group to advise and keep you accountable can be helpful to have more successful execution. We can assist with advising, or hands on program development and implementation, change management. We can help you here make your plan a success.

Advising on business strategy

Are you looking for short term help on best practices or longer term help with a particular strategic issue? Our team can work with you to help provide the systems, experience and expertise to help you reach your organizational objectives.


We facilitate the strategic planning process, we work with senior leadership, and teams to help, gain focus, clarity and alignment on the direction of the organization so they move closer to their goals faster.

Half day to a day planning sessions

If you have a specific issue at hand or aren't able to get your team off site for a full planning session we can work with your team to assist you with your strategy in half day increments.

Two day strategic planning sessions

You have your leadership team ready to go through the whole strategic planning process over two days or more. This takes commitment and dedication, but proper planning is paramount to long term success. We'll help create a custom agenda to make sure your objectives are met and your team is focused.

We serve organizations of all types and sizes and offer services in both  official languages - English and French.

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