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July 2015

Resilient Organizations

Resilient Organizations

Absorb the changes that disruptive events bring – evolve into better capabilities with a wiser outlook

–      With recovery, adaptation, continuity and renewed dimensions

Recovery moves the organization back to the pre-event condition

Organizational adaptation is required for the continuity of the system and is essential in the new conditions surrounding the organization faces with an external threat

Renewed dimensions - - organizational members need to recover from a traumatic situation and go back at least to the pre-event condition both in the physical and mental sense

Resilience encompasses more than just bouncing back, in some circumstances resilience may result in a renewed organization that is entirely distinct when compared to the pre-event state

Benifits of Building Resilience

Competitiveness – is being able to continue past, recover and learn from and, where appropriate, capitalize upon the opportunities presented by the disruption

Coherence – is aligning operational resilience measures with strategic resilience objectives,  the side by-side, top-to-bottom, allows organizational silos to become more integrated and interoperable

Efficiency and effectiveness – is working within a coherent and integrated framework has time and cost-saving implications, importance to mesh together diverse components, allocating resources to improve overall resilience

Reputation – is the coherent framework supports the organization in understanding and acting on the interdependency of brand, trust and reputation, therefore managing and enhancing its reputation

Societal/community resilience – give assurance to interested parties, regulators, third parties, government, customers, key stakeholders, partners and shareholders

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